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I am a very flexible, full-time, award-winning freelance photographer and videographer, specialising in weddings and events. 
The passion I have for capturing stunning memories for people, in still and moving images, is like nothing else.

I've been described by previous clients, brides and work colleagues as 'enthusiastic', 'reliable', 'workaholic', 'efficient', 'trustworthy' and 'progressive'. I'm a people person and my style is very journalistic, and candid. I like to tell a true and compelling story, using very clean and crisp colours and tones.
I love candid shots of people and believe that a nice shot of a person smiling or laughing (not necessarily posing for the camera) is better than any landscape. I absolutely love to interact with people of all ages and in places of all shapes and sizes.

I like football, Sunday lunches, cats, workouts, warm summer evenings, double-breasted jackets, cheese and beer. I love to travel and I love chasing new adventures. 
Mostly I enjoy capturing moments in time, getting that shot I know no-one else could get and then perfecting that still or moving image through the screen. I love Nikon, I love Adobe and I love Apple. Symmetry is my friend, and so is black and white. But colour has always been the past, present and future.

My motivation is quite simply the love of capturing and showcasing my work, and the feeling of seeing and hearing people's feedback on my work is was drives me to become the best in my field.
I mostly work on my own, but do have other photographers that I employ at particularly busy times.

I am based on the borders of Essex, Hertfordshire and London and have travelled all over the UK and the world with my work.

Please have a browse through these pages and enjoy my creations. I will always encourage any feedback.

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